Cheese Trays For The Holidays

Wegmans brings there Cheese trays, perfect for your holiday parties!
>> and we’re back on “bridge street.” we are having fun right now. we are at the cooking with wegmans stage. we have missy with us, you have to have cheese over the holidays. >> it’s a holiday staple. we brought a small sampling of what our cheese shops carry, a mediterranean medially. and all of these items, you can make your own tray if you want. >> this is something great that you can have at your party, bring to a party, or look like wonderful hostess gifts. >> excellent. i would like to receive one. >> me, too. >> i know when we go to wegmans, we are always hanging around the cheese counter. >> oh, this is from switzerland, from the old world. what do you recommend for people who want to try something different, get out of their comfort zone with cheese. >> funny you say that, we have these new trays, that go by flavor profile, mild, medium and intense. you could get a mild if you p



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