Cheese Tart Appetizer

Cheese Tart appetizer
appetizer and this is mine. it’s warm and cheesy and always gets rave reviews. best of all, it’s easy. start with a refrigerated pie crust. simple already, right? put that in a nine inch pie plate. don’t worry about the edges. we’ll take care of that later. now set this aside and get your oven pre-heating at 375 degrees. now for the savory part of the tart filling. we have sweet onions halved and thinly sliced, leeks, and shallots. thinly sliced. i’m going to add all of these, about a quarter cup of melted butter in my pan. i’m going to get all the veggies in there. look how gorgeous that looks. okay. then i have some sugar, a little salt and pepper and nutmeg. so good. i’m going to get this all mixed together. with those leeks, you want to clean them really well because they tend to have a lot of dirt and grit inside them. make sure to get all of that out. i’m going to cook this up over



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