Cheese Rolls

Chef Leticia Moreinos explains how to make Cheese Bread.
“fine cooking magazine” with a six page spread. welcome leticia moreinos. >> thank you. >> i have tried the chocolates featured in the magazine and they are incredible. what are we making today? >> cheese bread. >> what do we call this in portuguese? >> pao de queijo. >> that is your lesson for today. >> what ingredients do you have today? walk us through everything you brought today. >> we’re going to do water, oil, milk, bring that to a boil. we can actually start. >> yeah, let’s do that. >> she has it going on over here. she has the oven ready — no, desiree, it would be the stove. >> we’re trying to teach desiree — she will get it eventually. >> there we go. >> we’re also going to use cheese, in this case parmesan cheese and eggs. we can put that in the food processor. >> sonia loves all of the goodies and tools in here. we will let her do that. >> put all of the cheese in here? >>



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