Cheese Fondue

whistling straits cheese fondue recipe
from whistling straits right on the water in kohler, doing an italian fondue they serve at the club. good to see you, gary. >> you too. >> weigh started with buter and onion yoin, just letting the onion get soft. >> we’re sweating the onions, going to make a roux, half butter, half flour, the thickening agent. i’ve got basically you can see in here the onions starting to get soft. we are ading just a little bit of garlic to that then we’re going to ad flour. by ading flour, this is going to be a thickening agent of the fondue, which is going to make it nice and creamy. >> yum. >> and technically i’d want to cook this betwen 5 and 6 manipulates, but — minutes, but you just want to cook that starchy flavor out of i. as son as it starts to cook, you would let this go and it would almost start forming a paste. what i like to do for fondue is we use chicken stock f. you don’t have it you can



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