Cheese Expert

kohler cheese expert talks about some special cheeses
cheeses. >> i’m really excited about all the cheeses that are being made in wisconsin. and there are several hundred cheeses made in wisconsin. but what’s happening now in the dairy state is that there are some artisan chees being made, and getting worldwide recognition because of how excellent they are. so i have a collectio here today of some of those cheeses that i think are really note worthy. so one of those is this cheese right here. this is called pleasant ridge reserve. and this is made in dodgeville, wisconsin. and this one, best of show at the american cheese society annual conference. that is quite a feat. it won out of 1400 cheeses. and it’s the other feat related to this cheese is the fact that it won best of show 2 other times which is really unusual. i think it’s unprecedented. you can see how golden it is. that’s because the cows are on pasture and the cheese is made only



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