Cheese And Wine Pairings

cheese and wine from red and white
applet, take a look at this. >> okay. we’re going to be pairing today cheeses and wines and maybe a few other things. we’re starting with gouda. gouda actually is a village in the netherlands. it’s mild, nutty, so you want to make sure you pair something with it that isn’t going to overpower the cheese. something that will complement and balance it. we have almonds, spanish almonds and applicates, balancing it. then we’re putting a reisling, a german, mostly produced in germany. it’s a sweet, fruity wine. also, sparkling. sparkling wines, people refer to as campaigns but technically unless it was from the chain region of — champagne region of france, it’s referred to as a sparkling wine. soft tones not overpowering the cheese. next, we have a goat cheese. it’s more acidic. fatty acids. so it’s going to be more tart. again, you want to pair something with it that may not be as light as w



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