Cheers To The Cakebread!

Analysis and discussion with the Co-Owner of Cakebread Cellars Dennis Cakebread; While the leading wine makers are obsessed with growth, Cakebread says they are not interested in hitting growth numbers. (Venture)
cakebread cellars’ dennis cakebread. here is to the cakebreads, the family behind cakebread cellars. >> this ranch was not winery before. it had some grapes on it, but it was mainly a cow pasture. >> neighbors, like mondavi, would soon become legends in their field. at the time, napa was a wild wine frontier. napa and cakebread are very different worlds now. cakebread delivers 175,000 cases a year of chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, and merlot. the international consumer drinks is in the heart of napa valley, california. over the years, that former cow pasture has been upgraded with a neutron probe irrigation system and a state-of-the-art system. >> there are at least 1001 steps in making fine wine. >> while the leading wine- makers are obsessed with growth, cakebread says they’re not interested in hitting growth numbers. dennis cakebread is with us today. this is your dad’s company. he foun



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