Cheddar Grit Cakes With Pimento Tapas

We’re cooking Cheddar Grit Cakes with Pimento Cheese Tapas with River Run Restaurant .
head over to the kitchen. hevince is cooking up.oo >> i’m cooking up something that jimmy kennedy heremm from the river run restaurant in vermont tells me he never even coeder up. what is it? >> well, we’re going to make some cheddar great cake and pimento and cheese toppers. >> say that again. >>>> cheddar great cake and pimento and cheese toppers. >> tell us what’s going to go in it. >> we’re going to take t the cheddar great cakes and pinkerton men toe piand cheese, add a little spanish flare to these southern delicacies and ndmake them up into an appetizer.et >> what is going to go in it? >> we have cheese, grits, cabbageca cheddar, and the cheese and the pinkerton men toe and an cheese, whichwh is a a staple in kitchens in the skiouth.th >> in the south. >> now tell us how you’re going to cook the grit. >> we’re just going to boil them up and put cheese in them. >> any butter or any



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