Charlies On The Lake

Mitch from Charlie’s on the Lake talks about why their restaurant has consistently been rated top in Omaha for their martinis.
martinis. >> welcome mitch hanson. how many years in a row have you been best of martinis? >> some people might not know but we’ve been 4 best 10 years in a row and a lot of people don’t know in omaha. one reason for that is we have been the innovators for inventing hand-crafted martinis. and when i’m talking hand-crafted martinis i’m talking about using the best vodka, fresh fruit juices and we did marianne and ginger and we used hangar one citron infused vodka and we used?รง fresh ginger cubes and we had cuentro fresh liqueur and we used fresh squeezed lemonade to finish it off and a sugared rim. >> how great is that? >> it is. >> it is something outside the box from the city of omaha. >> we are looking at some video now of your bar. not only are you innovators when it comes to martinis but you take expertise seriously. people who work there at charlie’s really know their stuff. >> ver



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