Champagne Saber

This morning Bob Burke is on double duty. He’s not only in the kitchen, but in honor of New Year’s, he’s showing off his special skill, sabering champagne!
Laughing holding a saber. Welcome back to “the rde show.” Sh this morning, this man here, bob burke, he’s one’ double duty, he’s h not only in theonn kitchen, but inn honor of new year’s, he’sarhe showing of o off his special skill, sabering champagne.nnI am terrified. We have a camera on the floor, a camera in the ceiling, what exactly is sabering and whndat are re we trying to capture on film?nnBack in napoleon’s time, they knew what everybody has known, up until tiger woods, that celebrity can help sell your product and napoleon was the biggest celebrity inel world, they w invited him up and he brought along hisal secret service. They had to pro tughtsdro holt mentdme.nn– protect him.nnOf off wit oh his shoulder.ul.nnSo what happened was she got their daily ration of grog. Every soldier was given his ration of liquor, a little rum or whatever, and theat t men, being the manly men the



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