Champagne For Any Budget

Make a toast this New Year’s Eve with a Champagne that will fit your budget!
approaching and it’s time to stock up on essential which is champagne. >> yes. >> good morning, andrew, how are you? >> you’re from liquor city, you brought an array of champagne from low to high, right? >> correct. >> what are we starting with over here? >> we start with j’ame what we try to accomplish. it’s a champagne, france, the rom pierre which is huge champagne maker in france this is subsidiary. it’s a more higher end like dom. >> what is champagne? >> champagne is like wine, it’s a blend of three different grapes, pinot minen and chardonnay. and it’s a blend of about 30 different still batches so they come in and they still them, then they blend champagne together. >> as you pour it, what should we look for in the champagne? >> as — what should you look for? >> in other words, do you want a lot of bubbles, be careful, what separates more expensive or — >> less bubbles. the mor



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