Chaf Jay – Mass Appeal

Chef Jay cooks grilled swordfish with sauteed shrimp and kiwi tomato and avocado salsa.
What we do here in the kitchen. I’m here with chef jay here to walk us through a recipe for grilled swordfish and shrimp with a lovely sauce that we’ll get to in a minute.nnYes.nnJay, let’s get started. I’m ready.nnWe’re going to start with –.nnHeat that up first?nnYeah. We have the lovely swordfish loins here. We’re just going to take those here and put them on there. There we go.nnThis is my swordfish, two very nice pieces.nnYou always buy two in case you mess one up.nnSwordfish is good for people that don’t necessarily eat fish.nnIt’s great. It has a nice texture to it. It’s dense and flavorful. I don’t want to say it mics chicken but it’s nice to have on your plate.nnIt sort of has a similar texture to chicken.nnWe’ll take a little bit of salt.nnOkay.nnI will take the pepper. Never underestimate the power of simplicity. We’re just going to do a lile sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle. Do



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