CEO Says Food Safety Will Improve At LOS

The head of the company that provides food services to Lucas Oil Stadium said the food consumed there is safe. The company is reacting to dozens of safety violations including dead rodents and mice droppings in stadium kitchen areas.
mary mcdermott, 24 hour news 8. >> and the food inspection team says the food at the stadium is safe despite recent reports. mike corbin is live outside lucas oil with the latest on the story. >> i spoke with the c.e.o. of center plate incorporated based in stanford, connecticut, but desmond hague says when he got nd of the violations here, he got on a plane. >> we caught up with the center plate c.e.o. desmond hague and his team just as they arrived at lucas oil stadium. >> this is the first time that senior management of my organization has been made aware of any issues within lucas oil stadium. >> they arrived to strategize about 42 food safety violation, dead rodents, mice droppings, and $3,900 in fines by the marion county food inspectors at the stadium. >> we want to assure the fans and the colts fans and customers that the food will be say. >> center plate has launched an internal



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