Celebrity Chef Rick Bayless

Historically there was an art to celebrating Cinco de Mayo, but over the years that art has been replaced by the expected and uninteresting. But there is a whole world of lost customs and traditions just waiting to be rediscovered.nnCelebrity Chef Rick Bayless, owner of the Frontera Grill and Topolobampo restaurant in Chicago, shares his top Cinco recipes and help you spice up your Cinco de Mayo!
>>> saint patrick’s day always seems to get so much attention. there’s another picking it up. you can tell by the music. cinco de mayo. to celebrate you need great food. >> and rick bayless has a few suggestions. good morning, rick. >> good morning, molly. how are you doing. >> i am great. we have to warn you. we have a bunch of foodies on our star and they are excited you are joining us on “the morning blend.” >> thank you so much. >> nice to have you. >> ands let’s talk about what we should serve our guests for cinco de mayo. >> people get standard three, four, five mexican recipes they make over and over again. i have been working witht to develop some recipes i think will make this year cinco de mayo more interesting. they put simple guacomole and queso dip. and that’s what i want to show you what to make today. it is super delicious. this is bacon-version. i saute onions in a pan un



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