Celebrating St. Joseph’s Day With Zeppoles

Rhode Show Co-host Ben Hague took a trip this morning to one of the busiest places in Providence today. LaSalle Bakery right on Admiral Street. Today is St. Joseph’s Day, and there’s no better way to celebrate than making Zeppoles. There’s alot more to making these little Italian pastries. Ben takes us behind the scenes.
show.” if you’re getting dressed for the day, don’t forget to put on something red. it’s’s st. joseph’s day.’s i’m the handkerchief guy. you also may wantwa to pick up some zeppoles, we sent ben hague ueover to lasalle bakery. ben, it looked like youre milking a cow. like you were squeezing an udder. >> it’s not that easy. i’m at lasalle bakery, i’m joined by one of the regulars, susan. you said you’ve been coming here over 20 years.er what’s it about lasalle bakery that has you coming back? >> instant dinners,, wonderful desserts. it’s a fantastic place. >> you’re in a rush to get off to work, but you’re not running off empty-handed. she’s going with home zeppoles did you actually buy? >> two dozen.wo >> two dozen. that soundss exciting.g. i found something interesting. you actually moved from the midwest, so you’re not really famili ar with the st. joseph’s kind of holidfay, but it’s a



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