Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day At Embers!

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at Embers!
see you later. >>>> preston: all right. thanks for joining us. we’re in the kiffin. we’re getting ready the cook up some good-looking stuff. what are we making today? >> we’re doing one of the specials we’re doing on st. paddy’s day over at ember’s. it’s good stuff for st. paddy’s day. we’ll do simple roasted carrots in the oven. salt and pepper, olive oil. here we have some of the nice fresh cod with a little bit of walnut and brown sugar crusting on that. we’ll pop that in the oven and put it up and show you what we’ll be serving on friday night. >> preston: very cool. let’s go ahead. >> well, a little olive oil here. we’ll throw that right over the carrot. a little salt and pepper like always. got to give that it good seasoning. and then over here we got a little bit of the brown rice and a little bit of wild rice. make sure that’s going to be going on top of it. and then a little gui



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