Celebrate Lent With Seafood

Lent is the perfect season to give the sea a try when it comes to looking for your next main dish. D&W Fresh Market specializes in tasty seafood choices from fancy fillets to lobster, scallops, sushi and shrimp. Here are a couple of ideas to try for good taste and healthy nutrition: nnPecan-encrusted Rainbow Trout: Brush honey-dijon mustard over fresh fillet. Combine crumbs of pecans and bread and coat fish with them. Fry for 3-4 minutes per side in a buttered skillet. Serve immediately with leafy greens and whole grain rice.nnPair your fish with red or white wine. Tilapia is perfect with a crisp, cool white. Stuffed salmon and seasoned fish are great matches for a blush or light red wine, or rich white. Hearty choices like trout work well with reds.nnLook for many ready to eat and easy to prepare options in the fresh seafood section at D&W Fresh Markets where there will be fresh fish and seafood specials throughout the Lenten season.nnhttp://www.dwfreshmarket.com/



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