Celebrate Community With The Center

The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada will hold its Honorarium on November 5th! Chef Stephen Hopcraft of SEABLUE at MGM Grand will be cooking up some tasty treats. Learn earn more about the event and how you can win a private dinner for 10 during the auction.
>>> welcome back. everyone. here’s a question for you. do you give where you live? the gay and lesbian community center of southern nevada is hoping you do just that. tonight it’s hosting the 16t 16th annual honor uranium. honorarium. candace nickles glvmentback to both of you. >> good morning. thank you for coming in. tell us, what is the honorarium. >> it’s our 16th annual honorarium and gives us a opportunity at gay and lesbian community center of southern nevada to honor people in the community that champed equality throughout their lives. >> it’s a fight you have to give every day. it’s so important and that’s why you’re doing it. >> absolutely. >> dao: and you’re here because you’re helping out the event as well. tell us about that. >> well, we’re doing a little cook for you at home thing. basically i’m going to auction myself off to the highest bidder. >> we’re so excited. >> then



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