Caveman Diet

A 72-year-old Utah man is gaining international attention for preaching an unusual lifestyle.
3 a 72-year-old utah man is gaing international attention for preaching an unusual lifestyle. he believes we’d all be healthier if we lived more like our ancestors did in the stone age…and he says his own physical prowess helps make the case. john hollenorst has the story of an rs “evolutionary”…not revolutionary…approach to health. 3 (natsnd run/jump in desert) when he goes for a workout, art de vany doesn’t believe in long, hard runs. “it’s always intermittent and ‘bursty,’ so to speak.” he hops and jumps and exercises hard, just momentarily. “a few intense episodes, short in duration.” it’s as if he’s stalking game or running from a predator. “it’s the rhythm of life, of a wild animal, and we were wild animals then.””then” means 10,000 years ago, when men were strong and women were, well, strong.(natsot wife pulling suv with rope: that’s my wonder woman.”)art and his wife, carme



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