We’re cooking Causa in the kitchen with Executive Chef Lawrence Brown from Los Andes.
bad. you have to stay on your tells. .let’s headle into the kitchen. danielle is coking with los andes. >> we’re cooking with lawrence brown, the executive chef at los andes in providence. we’re making causa. for vi ewers who don’t know what kn it is, what is it? >> it’s a traditional bolivian dish paid of potato and u sually a fish and we’re going to put a unique twist on it t today by taking the fish, adding mayo, adding cilantro, aa little bit of lime juice, avocado, rolling it up and it’s going to be a delicious dish. >> we actually do have some of the ingredients posted on there. you mentioned a few. round out the list, what we have. >> we have mayo, salmon, cilantro , roasted garlic, smoked salmon, which is definitely key, gives an excellent flavor, to match with the hotness of the o pepper and potato. i’m looking forward to this myself. >> >> i’m looking forward to doing something



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