Casual Neighborhood Atmosphere Dining.

Portland’s Restaurant & Wine Bar has seen downtown Phoenix grow and has adapted to the changing times but still holds true to great home style cuisines and a vibrant atmosphere
>>> wanting to get that, now i know. many things have changed in downtown phoenix, but one place is still creating a comfortable vibe and photojournalist terry garcia pulls up a chair at portland’s restaurant. >> well, we opened up in 2001. we wanted to bring something downtown that was little more homey. people lost that neighborhood kind of feel for restaurants. but we wanted to bring that back in. we just wanted to bring in the home cooking, place to gather, neighborhood kind of feel. over the years that we’ve actually gotten to know so many great people that i think a lot of people almost call this their place. we kind of have an eclectic menu because not everybody’s palate is on the same thing at the same time. we also offer a lot of different opportunities for people. it is our bacon cheeseburger, the champion burger. we like to keep things fresh with certified angus. we have our f



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