Cashew Craze – CreAsian – 5/19/17

Cashew Craze – CreAsian – 5/19/17
>> jeremy: welcome back. okay. let me ask you this: what is more springfield than brad pith, staying at the jqh hotel after eating pineapple whip? i’ll tell you what is, springfield-style chicken. rob is here from big brothers big stories of the ozarks. rob, tell us about cashew craze! >> guest: it’s amazing. if you love chinese food. >> jeremy: i love it. >> guest: this is the mecca of chinese food. we’ll have nine restaurants. you can get involved with social media with this as well. they’ll be serving up some of their favorite dishes. you’ll be able to get everything, not just cashews. >> jeremy: do the dishes have to have cashews in them? >> guest: no. >> jeremy: they don’t? >> guest: it’s cashew craze of course. we have the name of the event after that. but it’s paying homage to the rich heritage in springfield. what do you do when you have someone in town? you take them out to eat



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