Caseus Formagerie Bistro

Caseus Formagerie Bistro at Int’l Festival of Arts & Ideas.
new haven turns into party central and we’re smack in the middle of this year’s r international festival of arts and ideas. everyone’s favorite part orf the festival is of course, the food. giving us a taste what you can find this week is mary lou and jason. i deserve an award for that one.o >> you got it. >> so great to have you. jason, start with you, you brought a variety of cheeses. walk us through what you brought today. >> absol utely. we’ve got ago goats milk cheese, raw goat’s milk from vermont. and wewe have aged, n,ot at cabbotttt but at jasperer hills farms. and last and definite complete most pungent and i can’t wait toai see your reaction, tnhis is cow’s milk, wash rinds. >> soundss delicious. mary lou, arts and ideas has been a challengingng time. how is the turn out so far? >> lu ckily,>> we’veve had record crowds. we maneuvered the weather, we have a wonderful internation



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