Cascade Catering

Cascade discusses their upcoming Easter Event.
to die for. from cascade fine catering we have rosa and katherine. westbound, guy, we’re so happy to have you here. what are we making today? >> today, we’re making home made crab cakes. they can be bite size or larger for a sandwich, whatever size you like it. >> we’re making a lobster mango martini salad. >> these are normally on the wedding menu, you host a lot of events, banquets. >> primarily wedings and you can choose from two item, the crab cakes or lobster salad. >> let’s switch places. get us started and tell us what you have going on here. >> thank you. yellow, redell peppers, scallions, crab meat with egs and fresh breadcrumbs. >> you saute the peppers and onions first and add them in there. what is the secret of forming a good crab cake and not have them fall apart in the pan, that is always the challenge for me. >> the water and breadcrumbs. you have to mix it with your home



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