Casablanca Resort & Casino

Are you ready for some hot cars and even hotter chili? This weekend at the CasaBlanca Resort and Casino, you can enjoy the Mesquite Motor Mania Car Show and then top it off with the Smokin’ Big Chili Challenge. Dao and Shawn sample to goods and find out more about this fun event!
welcome back, everyone. whether you’re a fan of hot rods or classic cars are more your speed. this weekend you could treat yourself to a free car show in mesquite. >> shawn: joing us to tell us about mesquite motor mania. michelle. awesome having you here. your chili buddies are awesome. >> dao: very cute. >> shawn: there we go. this is a fun show. tell me about what visitors will see. >> there’s so much going on in mesquite with the car show, friday, saturday, sunday. there are competitions, there’s classic cars. hot rods, street rods. some of your dream cars you were talking about earlier. >> shawn: an accord. >> dao: we want to know. >> mine, the 1966 mustang. love that car. >> dao: gorgeous. if you owned that. >> shawn: you would be rich. >> dao: gorgeous car. how many people do you expect out this weekend? >> over a thousand. we have over 600 cars entered and they can still enter th



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