Casa Del Rio

Great Mexican food, exeptional service and reasonable prices is the commitment to customers at Casa del Rio. Each day, the staff at the restaurant prepare everything fresh, from sauces to salsa. Nothing is precooked, frozen, microwaved or vendor prepared.
>>> from sauces to salsa, the key to mechanics man food is freshness, along with quick service to great price we may have found you the great restaurant.(5%” >> oscar is here to tell us about cast ka dereal. you’ve got a beautiful setup. tell us about the signatures about your restaurant, what are they? >> most popular one would be our chimis├▒├Ěp our chimichanga, green and chili concarne, chili rel lean know. you can’t mention casa del rio without mentioning those. >> how long have you been in business. >> over 30 years. >> what are we looking at? >> this is our simp tacos. light and refreshing. >> are those pretty popular? >> they have become pretty popular. you’ll see our beef toe mal less, green corn tomales and our famous mini chimis. >> mini chimis. >> and margarita. for a lot of people the reason they go to a mexican restaurant is because they have a great house margarita, is that



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