Carrot Cake Makes Morton’s Menu

A Long Island grandma’s carrot cake recipe is now on the menu of a worldwide restaurant chain.
cake res spee is on a worldwide restaurant chain. >> marianne artinian spends a lot of time in the kitchen. >> a lot of cooking and baking. i love it. to spend the day in a kitchen is like a gift to me. >> her son came with an ofer to make the cake for morton’s, she couldn’t refuse. >> you know, mom, i’ve tasted some and tried other recipes, nothing is like yourself. >> i gave it to him and really, i forgot about it. he said, they’re raving about it, they’re going put it in morton’s restaurant. >> we wanted to know marian’s secret ingredient. >> my feeling is the glaze. butter milk, sugar light corn syrup and van nil lavment when the cake is very hot, you put that glaze on imediately and let it soak for a god 10, 15 minutes. then you remove them from the pans. that glaze makes it so moist and light or whatever. >> of course you can’t go along with this delicious icing, a mixture of butte



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