Carnitas Smoked Pork Tacos

We’re cooking Carnitas (Smoked Pork Tacos) with Executive Chef David Bertolloni of the Boston Culinary Group for Roger Williams Park Zoo.
we’re cooking today,od it’s not pancakes. what’s going on in there. >> this is david bermuda anud bertonilli andli he’s going to be cookingin carnitas. what are carnitas. >> pork tacos. >> why do they makey me say carnitas? >> because that’sau what they call them. th south of the bore kerr. >> tell us>> what we’re going d wo to. >> we have pap reak castle hills, shown sugar, black pepper, cumin and salt, and we also have a little sour cream that we’re going to use on u the t carnitas, cilantroro sour cream with lime juic e and cilantro that we’re going to be mixing later. >> you’re from the boston culinary groupro and what’s your connection with roger williams park zoo. >> we do the beverage service and we have a smoker around ther premise, so we smoke a lot of our own meats, so thato’s why we’re doing this today to highlight that. >> itt already smells fabulous and we haven’t rea hlly g



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