Carne De Porco Alentejana

We’re cooking Carne de Porco Alentejana (marinated pork and fried potatoes with steamed little necks) with Natalia Paiva-Neves of O Dinis Restaurant.
i’ve been watching it allit morning. >> let’s go into the kitchen now. vince? >> we’re in the w kitchen and please, ple ase, forgiasve me,e, i cannot pronounce your name. i’m noti’ even going to try, will you please pronouncee it. give me your full name. >> natalia palva-neves. >> natalia, i can get. >> natalia palva-neves. >> and the name of the restaurant? >> o’dinis. >> hey, whoey is better than me. i feel like the fonz. where is your restaurant located. >> 547 warren avenue, not too far from you guys. >> so you have a lot of guys that you brought forro f me. tell me what you broughtyo a bndht nd what you’re goingwh toou cook foror us. >> one of the dishesof that sells very well atve the restaurant, is carne de porco alentejana, that’s pork andat littlenecks with potatoes and sellsuite well. >> is that your i mostos popular tisch? h?>> tha t is, that, the steak, a , few others.w >> wh



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