Carmellas Sundae

recipe for carmella’s sundae
chef at carmella’s italian bistro. and we are going to make a strawberry carmela’s sundae. this actually changes with the seasons, but currently we are doing grandma’s chocolate cake, which is a secret recipe, so i can’t tell you what’s in there. and then we have strawberry compote. which is fresh strawberries, orange zest, and sugar. and then you cook it down. and it thickens upon cooling. and then we have vanilla bean gelato. that goes on the topment — top. and then we have candied hazelnuts, which we do in the restaurant, with a litle eg white and sugar and cinnamon, nutmeg. and you can also garnish this with amaretto cokies, or a pizzale, which we make in house. that’s a traditional italian cookie. and here it is, carmella’s italian bistro sundae, and it’s always on our dessert menu, so you can come get it at any time. >> wow, does that lok god. okay,



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