Carmella’s Bistro

italian bistro in Appleton
we celebrated one year this past november. my sister and i were born and raised in the restaurant business in new york. our family had a restaurant since 1922. carmela was our grand moarks our dad’s mother. he grew up in the restaurant with our unless and so did, we and we al lived above the restaurant. it was lots of fun. nicole and i have done lots in the restaurant business since our family restaurant in new york, and we’ve always just resorted back to what we love to do. so we were really excited when we had an opportunity to do it together here in wisconsin. >> over the years, we found we’re really passionate about this, and although we’ve taken many different avenues in life, to be here right now working together as a family is really amazing for us. our dad is the head chef, and these are all his recipes. he learned to cook from our grandmother, carmela, and her parents came over



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