Carmel Apple Pie

ultimate thanksgiving contest
>> good morning. welcome back. okay. it’s another one of our wonderful thanksgiving dessert recipes for you. joey cunningham is here. good morning, good morning. this is my husband’s favorite. i never actually made one at home. usually apick one up. caramel apple pie. >> it’s not hard. if i can do it, anyone can do it. >> and is there is nothing like that smell of apple pie in the oven. and a little caramel on there? sign me up. so first of all, i see that you are — you cheated a little bit. >> i cheat. i do not make my own pie crust. i made one once. it did not turn out very well. >> high 5 on that one. we buy ahead. >> you’re one of those that makes your own, my hats off to you. way to go. go for it. i’m going to be like joey, because they have come a long way. it’s easier and tastes really good. >> caramel and water, just want to melt those, nice and runny. >> have the kids unwrap th



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