Carluccio’s Tivoli Gardens

It’s not just the food that makes Carluccios’ a fantastic Italian restaurant! Dao and Shawn explore the fascinating and haunting past of Liberace’s original restaurant.
requestwithwhycan. >>> welcomebacktothe “themorningb lend.” theliberacemuseumclosedbackin nov theliberacemuseumclosedback… theliberacemuseumclosedback… carluccios’restaurant. hereisjohnhoosierandbartendde rkellystanley. welcometobothofyou. let’stalkaboutthehistoryher… erestaurant. youwerearoundsince1984,youm… oasecondlocation. whendidthehaunt,started? >> hauntingsstarted prior to carluccios coming in there, when they were emptying out the restaurant. yes. they’ve been pretty much going strong ever since. >> eventually liberace’s tivoli gardens. >> tivoli gardens. >> why tivoli. >> the story i love it, tivoli backwards is i love it. >> the lights in norway or sweden or whatever that means, he was intrigued with the little lights and that’s what he wanted. >> who’s haunting this restaurant, is it random haunts or do you think it’s certain people? >> we don’t know who it is, they ha



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