Carlito’s Burritos

Today on the Blend, we are building the best breakfast burrito you can bite into! And it all starts with the chile! David Samuels from Carlito’s Burritos showed Dao & Shawn how it’s made and how it tastes.
abandoned animals get the love and homes they deserve. >> shawn: first, building the best burrito, starting with an ingredient most people don’t think about in the course of their burrito making. the chile. >> to help us out and feed us, david sam use with carlito’s burritos, good morning to you. >> this is great. >> dao: what are you make sng. >> they’re making a bacon breakfast burrito, smothered with christmas, red and green chiles. >> dao: you’re known for your chiles because you roast them in house. >> it’s chile season to we’re in the store, we’re — actually this is is a dried red chile. >> shawn: okay. >> dao: he doesn’t know his way around the kitchen. >> this is fresh green. it’s chile season in new mexico, a time when the magic hapns in the field. actually this is a roaed green chile. >> dao: what a huge difference. what happened is we roasted this in a propane roaster outside



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