Cardi’s Candy Cane Cocoa

Bartender Janel Smith of Cowesett Inn shows viewers how to make the holiday drink “Cardi’s Candy Cane Coca.”
The way to go. If you want more information on these products and how to get these different looks, heread over r to our web site at foxprovidence.com.fo.nnI feel like i’m bing crosby, it’s time to maketo the 12 drinks of christmas. Here with m e is jenelle smith of cowesett inn. .what are we making today?nnWe are going to be making cardi’s candy cane hot cocoa.nnReally. And that’s a lot of c’s, first of all. Second of all, what is this rimmed with?nnThis is a cocoa powder rim.nnShow me how it’s made?nnHot chocolate.nnI love you.nnAnd a little bit of pep are minute syrup.nnNice.nnGives it the candy cane flavor.nnThese are non-alcoholic, ic about you could make them alcohol friendly if you want.nnThat is correct.nnWhat is this contraption.nnA little bit of whippedpe cream on the top.nnThat is a legitimate whipped cream. That is awesoatme. If i were to walk into cowesett inn and say carp d



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