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Stephen Fries is in the Connecticut Style
food, travel, and writingis our next guests passion…he’s no stranger to our set…stephen fries is shaking things up here in new iw haven..he’s back to sharo e anotheryummy recipe & give us an update on an event that will tempt your pallet.. welcome back stephen –your name may ring a bell for our viewersyou write for the new haven register and teach at gateway? —you’re gearing up for the third annual iron chef elm city competition right? where do the proceeds go? —now the recip e ow you’re sharing today..will we y.l see that at the event?—walk us through the ingredients?di? —how do have time to travel—you’re attending the 44th pillsbury bake-off in orlando? what’s it like?o? —you’re also gearing up for what’s called the “culinary ry walking tour of historic ur downtown new haven? explain…how much are tickets? —lets tell folks again about the event…coming up.third



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