Capellini Aglio E Olio Chiaretto

We’re cooking Capellini Aglio e Olio Chiaretto (Pink Aglio e Olio) with Chef John Granata from Camille’s.
we’re going over to the kitchen. patrick, you’re with the boys. >> these guys need to introduction, but we’ll do it any way. john granata, joe zito, you haveou something down there. so what is this thing that yohiu cook over there at t a camille’s. it’s capallinni. aglio, e, olio chiare tar o. >> this is a camille’s classic.c. >> this dish has t been on the o menu at camille’s ail for every. probably the only place to get it is at camille’s. basically garlicy, o,il, black olives, romano cheese, and ad little garlic sauce to make it pink at the end, so it’s a relly simple dish, but nice. >> look at the titleat t there, c tan, you blame me for butchering it. capallinni aglio olio chiare t o. >> can you say the third ingredient? >> salt and pepper.al >> the boys are here to fire up this dish, and i’m looking forward to trying it. as always, the pleasure is all mine. behave yourselves while



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