Cape Seafood Shack

Peruvian/American cuisinen603 Del Prado Blvd S.nCape Coraln239-242-0065nnMention the Morning Blend and receive a FREE glass of wine or local beer.
I am mesmerized. I am hypnotized and tantalized by the cape seafood shack. A place to come, relax and enjoy a good home-cooked meal. You can get a great lunch today. Prices start at $6.95. From the cape seafood shack say hello to maria finn.nnGood morning.nnAnd chef louie is here. Why don’t you get started. What are you cooking today?nnToday we are coking tenderloin beef with oions and tomatoes and cilantro.nnDelicious. You may get started. Maria, why don’t you tell us, are you actually from ireland?nnI am, yes.nnThis cuisine from peru somehow spoke to your heart and you like it.nnWhat do you need?nnOnions.nnThe man needs his onions. Tell us about the cuisine of peru.nnIt is a little bt of mixture of asian coking, mediterranean, italian and spanish. They use a lot of cilantro in their cooking, a lot ofel.nnWhich is realy good. That’s over here on the end.nnYes.nnThere is the address on d



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