Cannoli Eating Contest

Mary dominates the cannoli eating contest against Troy and Mike.
and can you see more details on our website omahamorningblend.com. >> i felt pretty good about this cannoli eating contest until you told me that you fit 20 bugles into your mouth. >> 17. >> you know as a kid i managed to fit 17 bugles those little snacks. >> this is troy, our floor director. >> hi. >> we’ve got to get to the competition. we’ve got the introductions from our queen? >> yes. we have mike digiacomo and mary meatball nelson and troy. >> go! >> all right. we’ve got troy off to a good start getting half of it in their mouth and mike is chomping them down mary i think she might be win thing contest mike are you going to let her beat you? she is throwing it! she wins! >> mmm. >> mmm. >> that was the most amazing thing i’ve ever seen. >> i can’t believe you pulled that off. that is impressive. >> you’ve got to swallow it, too. >> does anyone have any water or anything? >> a coupl



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