Gold, solid gold!
candy bar has a way to transport you back to the way you were a kid. a new candy store celebrates all things good about it called candyopolous. here to tell us about it is david and tracy and you brought a little sample. and in all seriousness i’ve been in candy stores before but nothing like this and wall to wall candy and probably the largest selection. >> exactly. we have the largest selection in nebraska probably. >> you are new in omaha but you have other stores in the mid-west. >> we try to be a local store and omaha what we think is a local candy store. >> we are looking at some of the candy which is spread out across this desk now. how many kinds of candy how many types of candy do you offer at the store? >> around 101,000 different types of candy. you are kid something that is it, huh? >> it could be more. what we do if specific?รง people ask for candy we get them in. each candy



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