Candy Ornaments

julie sizemore shows us how to make candy ornaments
celeste in door county. so — >> how are you. >> we have our aprons on. this is julie size more from creative cake supply in green bay. you probably know about her, if you don’t, you should. you sell everything to help from baking cookies to cakes to candies. >> yep, and the store is abuzz right n. we’re bringing in all kinds of really fun stuff. this is — this type of craft that we’re going to do is edible plus fun plus nostalgic. a lot of people cook sugar and add flavorings, lay i out, even on the countertops and cut it apart and may cut glass candies. what we’re doing is taking it a step further and we’re going to turn it into ornaments, gift tags, really fun edible gifts for that someone special. >> look at this. look at these, they’re just — i can’t believe it’s candy. and they’re not that hard to do. >> no. if you — all it is is syrup, water and sugar. involves cooking at the r



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