Valentines day
day you think of stuffed animals, flowers and chocolate. tucked away in dana, indiana three ladies are busy stirring up something sweet. news 10′ santucci has more. you’re listening to the churning of smooth, rich chocolate being made. here in dana, indiana these three ladies at brooke’s candy company are making sure you have something sweet to give your loved one on valentine’s day. laboring over this pot of caramel for chocolate turtles is kathleen. “it’s a lot of love. it’s a lot of stirring, a lot of whole made love.” right by her side brooke takes a bowl of roasted almonds and toffee squares. each piece is dipped, sprinkled and then splattered with a fork. “then i just drizzle it back and forth and give it the look we like.” “from this tiny kitchen to the counter each piece is hand made.” it’s that loving care that helps make them the perfect gift. plus.. you probably can’t go wrong



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