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Slow Cooking For A Full HousenQuick & Easy Food You Can Get On the Table in No Time FlatnRecipes at www.theotherwhitemeat.com
This morning we are going to talk about slow cooking for a full house and who better to give us tips and ideas is mother of three and “full house” Tv store candace camelondon as dj tanner from “full house.” She is on “make it or break it” Currently and joins us here on the blend. Good morning, can dade.nnGood morning.nnI have to tell you i’m such a huge fan of “full house.” I had a very nice childhood but i wished all the time to be in the tanner family household.nnThanks. I’m so glad you loved the show. I had such a wonderful time be ago part of it. I look back at it now even as a mom and i’ve learned quite a few lessons i can pass on to my children.nnYeah, were you just a kid, one of those kid actresses and now acting on “make it or break it” And a family of three now?nnI do. I have three children. I’m a very busy working mom and that’s why i am excited to be a part of the national eat



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