Candace Cameron Bure

Less than half of American women spend less time cooking than their mothers did. Moms have a very busy lifestyle with work, the kids, and the 21st century distractions, but “Deej” is looking to change that! Candace Cameron Bure, who was thrust into the spotlight as “DJ” in the hit ABC show “Full House” spoke with Shawn via satellite to talk about easy ways to cook at home.
>> shawn: more than half of american women spend less tim cooking in the kitchen than their moms. it’s no surprise we’re in a rush but there’s help. kicking off national eat geerek is cdace camon bure >> you got it. >> shawn: i ma se. you may k her frojrom full house. how are you? hi, i’m gat >>hawn: greato talk toou. you’ve beeunning around sce yo we 6. you’re a mhe a still acting and balancing te is tough right? scwhr veryough. i’a full-time worng mom bk on mak i or bre ito finding time to ck meal for my threeid are chaenging. ieamed upitmerica’s pork producer and i have a sect weapon, t cck pot. the original sw cke >> shawn: erybody ha one in the kchen but ion’t knowf ny know how t u it. >> trust me, ts is every mornay m’s best friend it shoul be. i prepad this meal, which i my fils forite, pk tacos. itook less tneninutes to prepare. itart it onc m ks went to bed and it cooked wlee we



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