Can Kelly Be A Bartender

can kelly be a bartender
>> can kelly gaita be a bartender? >> we are at backstage rocket bar and grill. it is summer cocktail week and we have to find out if kelly can and be a rock star bartender? i am with mats at the back stage rock bar and grill. what are we making? >> we will do three drinks. one burly martini — burly — girly martini. you need your shaker. there we go. all the way with ice. we’re going to grab to rums. a light rum and a dark rum. >> captain morgan. >> together. pour them together. >> ok. count to 3 for me. >> 1, 2, 3. >> we’re going to put more in. >> 1, 2, 3. summertime case like the beach. we’re going to put in pineapple, orange, cranberry. now we shake. there we go. >> i like the color of this. this is the summer coxa. >> this is any time cocktail. it works best in summer. >> this is a normal drink. >> it is called the bob gallagher. we will do a little soda water on top. >> i want to



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