Can Dripstik Keep Frozen Desserts Clean?

It’s happened to most of us… the ice cream ends up in the wrong place. The Dripstik is supposed to catch the sticky drips from your frozen desserts.
>>> just about quarter after 6:00 now and many of us like to eat ice cream, especially during the summer but are you just tired of cleaning up that sticky mess? smart shopper daphne munro tries a product that’s supposed to catch that mess before it hits the floor. >> oh, man, does that happen to you? well, the makers of the drip stick claim that your sticky, drippy mess will no longer be a problem but will it work? let me try it before you buy it. meet barry. >> i love kids having ice cream. >> and of course the kids love eating the frozen dessert. >> i like popsicles. i like chocolate. >> and they are well aware how the sugar will affect their behavior. >> bouncing off the wall. >> and how it affects mom. >> she wants to have a clean floor. >> so barry is elated when we asked her to try out the drip stick. she gives the kids ice eam and popsicles without the drip stick to see if they ca



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