Can A Drink Really Help You Focus?

Can a drink really help you focus?
to re- energize. but a new kind of drink on the market claims to also help you focus. ten on your side health reporter stephanie harris investigated that claim and joins us now. nicole, energy drinks like these do give you a jolt, but later you crash. drinks like these with theanine claim there’s no crash – just more energy and better concentration. tiger woods is the poster child for focus under presure. he’s also the face on gatorade’s tiger focus with theanine. (video from nbc md04r) it’s one of several drinks and pils touting the potent powers of this natural amnio acid. registered dietician jil weisenberger tells us the drinks and supplements may be new but theanine as been around forever. it comes from the camelia sinensis plant species – the same plant that gives us white, black and green tea. but weisenberger doubts these new drinks and pills pack the same punch. plus she says yo



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