Campbell’s Nutrition Celebrates 80th Birthday With Closest C

DES MOINES – It’s a party that’s been decades in the making. Des Moines’ first and oldest health food store hosted a celebration Saturday to thank the community for all their support over the years.nn”Today we are here celebrating Campbell’s 80th birthday,” said store owner, Diane Lahodny.nn”We are the third oldest health food store in the nation,” said store employee, Lauren Hickman. “And the second one only beats us by a year, 1936 so that says something. A lot about family owned business, being local.”nnFamily and food. Some would say those two are just a few of the most important things in life. Campbell’s Nutrition has been providing the community with both for decades.nn”The community aspect is really important I think because when you come in you know the people that you are speaking to,” said Hickman. “They know a little about your health concerns. That we don’t always want to go to the big box stores. And it is about having good value, good savings, but also having access to information from knowledgeable staff members.” nn”I think number one is the staff. They are the best. They know what they are doing and they live the lifestyle,” said Lahodny. nnIt’s a lifestyle the store prides itself on, good quality local food, combined with lasting relationships between their customers and employees. nn”I thank our customers for being so loyal to us for over 80 years,” said Lahodny. “I’ve had two people stop me who said they were children that shopped at the store when it was downtown on Locust St. and that they were five or six  and remember shopping at Campbell’s. That’s huge.” nn”I think people keep coming back because people know when they come here they can trust whats on the shelf, they can trust the owners, they trust the system that we have created so they are not getting a box that says its one thing and its something entirely different,” said Hickman.nnLooking ahead to the next 80 years, the store says they will keep providing the community with what they know works.nn”That we get to make an affect on people one purchase, one product at time and that’s really something tangible, it is something you feel,” said Hickman.nnPeople were able to take part in samples and sales during the birthday party. About 35 vendors from across the nation came to Des Moines for the celebration. There were also several prizes up for grabs including Luke Bryan tickets, a kayak and a $1,000 gift card to the store.



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