Camille’s Vanilla Crème Brulee

We’re making Camille’s Vanilla Crème Brulee in The Rhode Show kitchen.
to the kitchen. vince, what’s on the menu? >> what’s on the menu? creme brulee. yum, yum, yum. give me some baby. and we’ve also got some dessert wine. with me is joe zito, tv’s maitre d’. joe would you do the introduction to this beautiful young lady? >> when a chef is very, very good, they have either one name like emeril or three names, and this is what happens when you polish up a granata a little bit. happy to have jeff with us today. beautiful job and a beautiful dish. >> tell us what the ingredients are. >> we have heavy cream, 40% milk fat heavy cream, grand lated sugar, — grand lated viewing hard, egg yolk, sea salt and madagascar. >> that’s it? >> that’s it. simple. it’s the method of the recipe that’s the hard part with this, but the ingredients and combing it is really easy. >> so go ahead, joe. >> i’m just saying, we’re going to complement this today with some beautiful fru



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