California Salad & Cocktails

California Salad & Cocktails
and we will be chatting with you. >> we’re in the kitchen right now. stephanie is here from the melting pot here this morning. we will make a california salad. you will put a funny twist on some lemonade. let’s start with the ingredients for our salad. we will list them at wavy.com.” yc.com. >> we have some spring mix. we have tomatoes, well, she’s, acheese. we’re using the melting pot bottle of this. it will be raspberry jam, water, canola oil. it is pretty simple. >> the secret ingredient is the jam. i think is coo to the people can take it home with them. >> rebuttal all of the arts — wheat botte bottle all of our dressing speak question this is melting. let’s stick with the salads. that is the plan. you have the different kinds of mixes. can you order it with either the? >> we will throw them together in a bowl. >> i will get out of your way. people think the cheese and chocolate fo



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